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Puhar attends the "Exposition Universelle a Pariz", a world exhibition. On the special exhibition list of shipments from Austria, with names of exhibitioners in French, Puhar was listed twice. Under the numbers 1686 and 1216, with the statement "Pucher Jean, vicaire de la paroisse de Zirklach, Carniole", with an additional note: "Inventeur. Photographies, nouveau procédé."

The Crystal Palace of the World Exhibition in Paris, 1855


The historian Jurij Jarc visits Puhar and publishes an article in "Arhiv za povjestnicu jugoslavensku" saying: "The honourable sir is still performing experiments and has invented many new marvellous things, but unfortunately does not want to publish them". He stressed that Puhar is worshipped in Vienna, London, Paris and New York, and that he has been receiving awards and gifts. He also praised Puhar's talent for music "for he plays the violin, the guitar and the piano".


Puhar moved from Cerklje to Smlednik.


Puhar moved from Smlednik to Kamnik.


He finally worked as curate in Dovje where his illness became critical due to the severity of the climate, and a lack of appropriate medicine

Terminally ill, he returns to his home town of Kranj where he died on the 7th of August in his home at the age of fortynine. The record of his death states consumption as the cause.

He was buried on the 9th of August at the Kranj cemetery which is now known as Prešernov gaj (Prešeren's Grove).

The entry in the death record. The memorial plate in Prešeren's Grove in Kranj
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